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The perfect escape for the busy gentleman

Are you looking for an alluring corporate high achiever? A sensual woman in an elegant or playful dress? A flirtatious and sexy tomboy dressed to kill? You will always find me adorned exquisitely, with clear eyes and a full heart to boot. Ready to seduce all your senses, especially when time is as precious as yours. A chat over a freshly poured drink, coquettish glances, a glimpse of my exquisite lingerie - please follow me to ignite your spark.

Additional Hours ..... $600

1 Hour ..... $1000
Additional hours $800

1 Hour ..... $800
90 Minutes ..... $1000
2 Hours ..... $1200

1 Hour ..... $700
90 Minutes ..... $1000
2 Hours ..... $1200

Adventure Seeker

Pleasure Seeker

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FreyaWellness_UPDATE-8184 copy.jpg
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The ideal time out for the gentleman who loves to indulge

You enjoy being spoiled and entertained by an extraordinary woman. You cherish laughter, a flirt, and tease with a glass of wine, champagne, or an apéritif. You savour a stimulating conversation over a charming lunch or elegant dinner. You delight in the knowledge of the tactile dessert to come. In short, you prefer the finer things in life. Let me tend your fire.

3 Hour Lunch or Drinks ..... $1600
4 Hour Lunch or Dinner ..... $2000 
6 Dinner Deluxe ..... $2800

8 Hour Free Falling ..... $4000


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The ultimate thrill for the gentleman who enjoys the full journey.

Pack your bags. We are leaving the ordinary world. Be it for a night or or a week, the two of us will leave behind the mundane. Dive deep. Dig deep. Feel deeply. Immerse yourself into a new world created by the two of us for the two of us. Our rules and pleasure only. Resurface with a humorous outlook on life. Return wholly charged. Reemerge full of sunshine and smiles. Join me for an unstoppable wildfire.

Overnight ..... $4500
24 hours ..... $6500
48 Hours ..... $9500
72 Hours ..... $12,500

Please add travel cost.
Please enquire for longer rendezvous.

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