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Terms & Conditions

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• Deposits paid are non-refundable upon your cancellation •
• Deposits paid are non-refundable if you withhold necessary screening information •

• Any unsolicited amounts of money deposited in my account will be treated strictly as gifts •
The same applies for a deposit or payment I haven’t specifically asked you to make •
• By paying a deposit you agree to my Terms & Conditions •
• Our time together is determined by the initial booking length. If you wish to spend more time with me,
please note an additional fee will occur without fail •
• Contact attempts without intention to make an appointment will not be humoured but I offer phone call packages •
• Flights longer than 3 hours require business or first class seats •
• All expenses occurring during our time together are your responsibility, including travel costs , accomodation, food and drink, tickets •
• My personal safety is paramount. If I feel unsafe during our time together, I will leave and your booking will be forfeited •

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