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Why I love Sleepovers

They say time stops for no one, but I have to disagree.

On an overnight date, time truly does stop, if only for a little while.

It's just you and me. Us. Enjoying one another. Making each other laugh - I love to laugh, I laugh a lot, let's laugh together.

While I enjoy the occasional shorter liaison as an accomplished Melbourne escort, there's something to be said about really taking the time to unfold in one another's company. Tell me, when was the last time you really, truly stopped and allowed yourself to connect, refresh, rejuvenate? It simply can't be done in a hurried few hours during a busy day. Overnight dates are different – they allow us to look away from the clock and instead look towards each other.

I simply adore the nourishing nature of an overnight date. Real nourishment is derived from intimacy. Intimacy is masterfully created from many components. Genuine intimacy is about meaningful connection - having someone understand you at a fundamental level, meeting you exactly where you need to be met. It is about knowing someone well enough to recognise their desires and needs without having to ask.

There are many sources of nourishment. It can be given and received through touch, conversation and sensuality - it will also sustain you in the future through blissful memories.

On an overnight date, nourishment is about taking the time to pause, to enjoy each other's company without the mundane lurking and intruding. Nourishment can happen over a lunch or dinner date as well - don't get me wrong, it absolutely can - but the intimate connection spun carefully and joyfully over an entire night is a special kind with different depth.

By their very nature, overnight dates are designed to to get cozy, close and visceral. Perhaps we begin as strangers, maybe we've met before and would describe ourselves as lovers, maybe we have been lovers for years. But when the sun rises after a night spent together off-the-clock, the intimacy between us has grown substantially through exploring one another - fully.

My favourite overnight dates are lingering affairs spent indulging ourselves in decadent pleasures. Imagine delectable culinary delights paired with exquisite wines, lusciously drawn out over thoughtful conversation alight with flirty glances across the table enhancing the pure pleasure waiting for us. A late afternoon spa visit, the heat of the sauna followed by a skinny dip into the cold pool. Taking inn a play, a show or a movie moseying through a balmy summer night back to our hotel suite. Hours spent together in freshly laundered cotton sheets, soulful pillow talk with late-night shared secrets, laughter - and more laughter, our hands grazing and intertwined as we drift off to sleep together. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning, warm pastries shared in bed, the morning paper, my soft sighs, your content smile.

Overnight dates are about nourishing ourselves, satiating each other. Taking a break from the every day life, looking away from clocks and calendars to deeply rewind and reset and simply bask in one another's company.

That's what I love most about overnight dates as a Melbourne companion.

You deserve it.

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