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Why I Love Extended Dates

They say time stops for no one, but I have to disagree.

During extended dates, time truly does stop - if only for a weekend or a few days.

Extended dates are different. They allow us to look away from the clock and instead look towards each other. Tell me, when was the last time you really, truly stopped for more than a few hours and allowed yourself to connect and spend quality time with a beautiful woman?

I adore the relaxing and unrushed experience of having the clocks stop for just the two of us - to listen to you, be fully present with you, laugh with you and, most of all, understand you on a deeper level. Getting to know you well enough to recognise your desires and wants without you having to ask brings me a lot of joy, and satisfaction for you.

Perhaps we begin as strangers, maybe we've met before and would describe ourselves as lovers, maybe we have been lovers for years. But when we part ways after a getaway off the clock, the intimacy between us - and therefore our relationship - has reached a new peak through exploring one another fully.

Many hours spent together in freshly laundered sheets, soulful pillow talks with late-night shared secrets, the smell of fresh coffee in bed, warm pastries and the morning paper shard with you are some of my favourite activities before we venture out into the day and our chosen destination. How much fun is it to delve into an adventure of discovering - or rediscovering - each other, a city or a country together? Unforgettable memories through taking the time to pause, to enjoy each other's company without having to abide by the clock.

You deserve this adventure for mind, body and soul.


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