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Free Falling - The Perfect Adventure

Fine dining or an enchanted lunch date are a wonderful way to connect. But what about taking it up a notch and spending the day together? 'Free Falling' is an excellent opportunity to do exactly that - take our date to the next level. Especially here in Melbourne - and of course regional Victoria - we e are spoilt for choice of daytime activities. Are you in the mood for an outdoor adventure? Would you like to relax in the countryside enjoying a quiet date at a winery? Or do you prefer a lavish pampering day indoors?

Let me introduce you to my personal favourites, a day of pure pleasure for all the senses.

Let's escape to the Yarra Valley for the day - indulgent food and wine, fern glades and forests. Oakridge Winery is a wonderful starting point. The charming cellar door offers wine tastings and lunch bookings, all while enjoying the picturesque vineyard views. The menu is fresh, and seasonal, highlighting delicious local produce - best enjoyed with a glass of wine in your hand and me across the table. A languid walk or short hike through the impressive woods of the Dandenong Ranges or a hot air balloon ride round out this daytime adventure - we are ready to retire to your hotel and indulge some more.

Rich in nature and heritage, Great Otway National Park is a striking arena for us to enjoy an adventurous date together. Waterfalls, mystical forests and incredible Australian fauna make for a refreshing and revitalising change of pace. This peaceful time out is curated for those in need of recuperation away from the stresses of everyday city life. Pack your picnic basket, and a blanket, be ready for mother nature and me to wow you. Maybe we will find a spot off the beaten path to skinny dip.

Spa Day at Park Hyatt

Located within the luxurious Park Hyatt, the Park Day Spa is the ideal way to start a lavish day dedicated to relaxation. When did you turn off your phone last for an entire day to destress, relax, and unwind? Let's splash around the spa, enjoy a full-body couple's massage and retire to our suite for more laughter, kisses and pleasure followed by soulful pillow talk. If the mood strikes we can put on some clothes and venture to one of Melbourne's excellent restaurants, galleries and the colourful iconic laneways beckon as well as the little wonders of the inner northern suburbs or St Kilda are only a short drive away.

The elements are my element. Hot sun, soft sand, wind on our faces and the mystical ocean - what can we want more? Point Addis Marine National Park offers when you know where to go - and I certainly do, secluded little bays to enjoy the beach at its best. If you like surfing and exploring the area or rather lying in the shade entangled in conversation or enthralled in a game of backgammon this is for you. All we need is sunscreen and plenty of water. Freshly caught seafood for lunch and a beautiful drive to and from complete this day.

The Great Ocean Road provides one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world. The scenic route along the coastline with the famous 12 Apostles combined with a visit at Coda Lorne and a swim or stroll at one of the many gorgeous beaches is a winner all year long. Are we heading back to the city or perhaps you'd prefer to stay the night?


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