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Sharing The Love - Meet Izzy

Please let me introduce to you the one and only Isabelle Lynd.

She is a classic beauty with devious allure. Silky, porcelain skin and a sparkling million dollar smile. Soft curves paired with the most luxurious bust and the longest blonde mane you can imagine. Well read, well bred, well educated and travelled. Did I mention her captivating smile and laugh? We do smile and laugh a lot together.

Q: Who is Isabelle Lynd?

A cheeky, playful, adventurous and unapologetically voracious young woman. Also a bit of a nerd, really.

Q: What attracted you to Freya first?

Initially her smile and humour - she is very funny - plus her super fit body. When getting to know her I learned how she prioritises the relationships in her life which makes the rest of us feel so special to be included in her circle.

Q: Which interests and values do you share?

Integrity and kindness. We don’t discriminate or judge - whichever path of life you are from, you are welcome! Disabled or able bodied, the colour of your skin, your ethnicity, the size and shape of your body - we aim to meet you exactly where you are. Diversity is, after all, the spice of life!

We both are quite adventurous, curious and love to make the most of the city we live in, enjoying the best of Melbourne's art and culinary scene, cultivating meaningful relationships with the wonderful people we meet.

Both of us know how to make our esteemed gents feel comfortable, at ease and adored. Our conversational skills and the ability to create true intimacy will leave you inspired, deeply relaxed and with a newfound zest for life. Neither of us settles for less - we know life is short and therefore meant to be lived unapologetically, wild and free.

Q: How would you describe your chemistry?

Have you ever been in a lioness den? Being in between two women who have so much fun together they need to spread the wealth and share it with others.

Q: What makes spending time with the two of you so magical?

Due to being very selective with whom we choose to meet, we are always full of life and ooze a magical energy we are delighted to focus on the gentlemen we opt to spend time with. Curating tailor made extended dates is a forte of ours as well as a night on the beautiful Melbourne town and in your arms.

Q: Can you describe the perfect experience you and Freya love to provide?

Both of us relish in cultivating authentic intimacy. We love flirting with you over a degustation dinner, savouring a nightcap at a chic and intimate locale to then spending a night of pure bliss together. We are experts in the realm of pleasure and passion, consummate lovers and soulful pillow-talk confidantes.

These delightfully indulgent memories will stay with you long after we have kissed our good-byes, leaving you smiling whenever you think of us.

Q: Where can you be found if not in Freya’s arms, Isabelle?

Twitter & Instagram @isabellelyndxx - come say hello!

I hope you enjoyed my yarn with Izzy. We are looking forward to welcome you into the lioness den.


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